Fearless Freedom

Find the Freedom to Put Your Big, Bold Vision into Action.

Bring forth the powerful, successful, True Self that hides behind your fear and self-doubt.

Conquer Fear and Self-Doubt

Gain Clarity and Direction

Create Unlimited Success

Are you ready to unleash your big, bold vision? Here’s how:

Fearless Freedom

Choose the program that fits your level of readiness.

subconscious blocks

that have been keeping you from seeing the next steps toward your goal and taking action

unlimited success

when you're suddenly able to do the things that fear wouldn't let you do before

To get started, schedule a Get Acquainted Call with Christina:
Christina Ammerman

Christina Ammerman
Master Energy Healer

Your Guide

I know what it's like to be determined to manifest your vision, even in the face of overwhelm, confusion and despair. To have stopped or stalled so many times that you secretly feel like you should have been more successful by now.

I also know that beyond those emotions awaits a clear connection to your Divine Self, who offers clear, detailed direction for your purpose.

For more than 14 years, I have been using energy healing to clear subconscious blocks from the subconscious mind, unlocking the power and outward success that result from inner transformation. 


Choose from 3 options to start your journey to Fearless Freedom:

Quick Start

Restore the deep sense of worthiness, support, and lovability lost at birth by healing the Core Wounds lodged in your Crown, Root, and Heart chakras.

Each session offers deep subconscious healing of one of those wounds, paired with affirmations to cement new patterns of thought and feeling.

The next offering of this 3-week group program begins July 25, 2018.


Excavate the 10 deepest , lifelong limiting beliefs such as "I need to be perfect" and "Life is supposed to be a struggle" that keep you from creating your vision with grace and ease.

Each session offers deep subconscious healing to erase old patterns, paired with exercises to prove that you can create new results.

The next offering of this 10-week group program has not yet been scheduled.


Even the most outwardly successful entrepreneur faces internal blocks that cause stops and starts. If you have evolved beyond group programs, then Fearless Freedom PLATINUM is for you. 

Fearless Freedom Platinum begins with a private "shadow-busting" VIP day, filled with healing work to eliminate your hidden fears and reveal your truest self. The rest of the private program is customized to suit your lifestyle and bring forth your grandest goals and vision.

Determine which starting point is best for you during a Get-Acquainted Call with Christina

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